Welcome to BaseCamp 31 - Your Journey Starts Here 

At BaseCamp 31, we believe that every person is on a journey and only with the right support will they achieve great success.  As a 501(c)3 recognized non-profit organization (formally "IHENJ, Inc."), our mission is to foster healthy community and personal development through shared experiences of like-minded folks. 
We are a community of doers....a "community in motion", step by step, minute by minute, day by day, moving forward, and believe that by creating an environment that promotes movement, supplies good fuel, and facilitates connections between genuine people who are doing meaningful work, long, healthy and full lives are not merely a goal, but an expected outcome.  Consider connecting with us:
  • On Saturday mornings, with our BaseCamp Athletic Club (BC*AC) at 8am as many of our members meet for a run, walk, or ride (cycle or ElliptiGo).  All ages and abilities welcome, from novice to professional, there's a distance and speed for everyone!
We hope you'll consider becoming a member and filling out our member application link to join in on the "Co-Motion"

Welcome to BaseCamp31, Your Journey Starts HERE!

Who We Are?

BaseCamp31 is a community, a learning center and a social space;  Basecamp31 is an organization, a club and a launchpad; BaseCamp31 is a place and an environment.  Our clubs, programs, and initiatives are geared to individual and community development, and while some of our members are affiliated with or are paying clients of Pro-Activity services , BC31 membership is open to all.

Where is BaseCamp31 located?

BaseCamp31 sits on a roughly 5 acre parcel in the heart of scenic Clinton Township, NJ.  It is located at 1250 Route 31 in Lebanon, NJ on the corner of Route 31N and Molasses Hill Road.

Hunterdon County, NJ: Rolling green hills, open spaces, two large state parks (each with clean/clear reservoirs), a web of trails/paths, farms of all types and a safe environment to live, train and THRIVE, Hunterdon County is one of New Jersey's most beautiful areas.

How can you get involved?

If you are a passionate person, and like hanging out with other passionate people that believe in Healthy Community & Personal Development, click on Membership, or just show up, willing and ready to have fun!
In pursuing it's mission, BaseCamp31 will neither discriminate against nor promote individuals or organizations of a specific political, religious, racial, or sexual orientation.  As such, it is BaseCamp31’s policy to not be affiliated with, nor form partnerships or other relationships with such individuals or organizations for the purposes of promoting their objectives.  As such,
• BaseCamp31 will not publicly promote a specific political, religious, racial, or sexual orientation, and requires that members are restricted from doing so on on behalf of the BaseCamp31 community.
• All volunteers for BaseCamp31 activities will be required to sign a volunteer waiver form that includes restrictions on promoting, advertising, or otherwise publicly linking BaseCamp31 with other organizations without the express written consent of the BaseCamp31 Board of Directors.
• BaseCamp31 may support and engage in non-partisan activities with such individuals and organizations as long as the objectives of such interactions are aligned with BaseCamp31’s mission and tax exempt status.
• All requests for joint promotion, advertising, event coordination, etc must be approved by the BaseCamp31 Board of Directors to ensure that the above policy is appropriately applied.